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Fragrance free products

In this section you will find our fragrance free products. By fragrance free, we mean products to which no fragrance has been added  (perfume, fragrance). Korean cosmetics do not use a lot of strong fragrances, but if you don’t like fragrances at all, you are sensitive to fragrances or you avoid added fragrances in cosmetics, you will find suitable Korean skin care products and makeup here.

Fragrance-free products are well suited for sensitive skin. Please note, however, that the products may contain the scent of raw materials, such as plant extracts and oils. Some plant extracts have a stronger and some have a very mild scent. If you are sensitive to oils or you know that your skin cannot tolerate some plant extract, you can see the INCI listing of the product separately from each product description. In some rare cases, the ingredients of the products may have been updated, so please check the up-to-date information on the packaging before using the product.

Fragrance free -products

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