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Benton captivates with its high-quality products. It uses the best ingredients in its products, which especially care for aging and problematic skin. Benton’s name originates from the fictional movie The Curios Case of Benjamin Button, which touches the hearts of many.

Benton strives to improve skin and maintain its health by manufacturing skincare products that help people achieve healthy skin naturally, without skin-irritating ingredients. The brand wants to offer a natural way to beauty care, especially for those who try to avoid artificial chemicals in skincare products. Benton uses organic Ecocert certified preservatives that are effective and do not cause skin irritation. The world’s largest animal organization PETA has granted them the bunny mark, which tells about no animal testing.

During its rather short history (2011-), the brand has managed to gain great popularity not only in its home country, South Korea, but also in the world. The brand’s product selection currently consists of more than twenty skincare products, which utilize caring natural ingredients, from snail mucin to bee venom and carefully selected plant extracts.


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