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The Skin House

The Skin House Bearel

The Skin House – Fresh Naturalistic Cosmetics. The South Korean The Skin House’s (TSH) products have one of the most beautiful packaging in our selection. And what’s best is that it is a premium brand without the premium price! Noksibcho Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of The Skin House, has produced skin care products for the world’s most demanding customers (South Koreans) since 1979, so the high quality of the brand is guaranteed. It has, amongts others, a GMP sertificate (Good Manufacturing Practice), which tells about the continuous quality control and error-free manufacturing according to standards.

The three most important values of the brand are honesty, excellent ingredients and customer satisfaction. The company has thirty years of experience and know-how behind it, which it utilizes in the development of old and new products. Based on Noksibcho Pharmaceutical’s advanced technology, The Skin House does not spare on the use of ingredients obtained from nature. Safe and efficient skin care products are developed to maintain skin’s well-being and youth, but also to prevent skin’s premature aging.

Bearel is honored to have this skin care pioneer in its range and available to our customers! You can find product lines and individual products for different skin needs in the selection. Read more information below and find your own Holy Grail products.