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Bearel – Your Destination to K-Beauty

Bearel is your trusted European source for authentic Korean beauty products, curating the leading Korean skin care, makeup, hair and body care brands.

We started as the first K-beauty retailer in Finland, and now we’re happy to serve all our international customers, too! We offer worldwide shipping. We'll help you  find popular cult favorites and new exciting products from our selection.

Get the Clean girl Look

Create an effortless-looking, bright and natural, clean girl makeup look with Korean products.

We're here for you

Do you need help choosing the right products for you? Are you looking for a specific solution to a skin problem? Contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.

New: Smuuti Skin

Our own K-Beauty brand Smuuti Skin is finally available! Affordable, fruit-infused products for dewy, moisturized skin.

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We offer high quality and innovative products from the trendiest South-Korean beauty brands. We are committed to offer only safe, authentic and CPNP-registered products.

Skin care and makeup products combine South Korea’s high technology with a long tradition of using natural ingredients. We help you find the products that best suit your skin's needs. Achieve a glowing and youthful skin with K-beauty!

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