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Skinfood – Since 1957. Skinfood is one of South Korea’s well-known k-beauty brands. Skinfood has been manufacturing and developing cosmetics for almost 70 years now. Skinfood’s products are based on nutritious food ingredients and their benefits that make the skin feel better and look better. Skinfood’s ideology is based on “You are what you eat”.

A healthy diet is beneficial for the skin whereas unhealthy food can cause many skin problems. Often we know what food is healthy and how we should eat, but in reality, the diet might not be nutritious enough. This is why the power of Skinfood products is based on antioxidants and minerals from food. They gently support the health, balance and youthfulness of the skin.

One of the most popular products of Skinfood is Black Sugar Strawberry Mask. The black sugar exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and provides B-vitamin based molasses, potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals that help the skin become soft and nutritious.

Royal Jelly -series, on the other hand, is on the must-buy list of K-beauty fans. Royal Jelly -products soften the skin and help to heal skin damage.


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