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HOX! Laneige products are currently experiencing European-wide delivery difficulties, and unfortunately we cannot yet say when we will have more products in stock. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Check out Laneige’s top-rated skincare products. Powerful ingredients give your facial skin quick and remarkable results. Research results and user experiences make Laneige one of the best brands in the K-beauty world.

The Water Sleeping Mask, which moisturizes and brightens facial skin, has been praised so much that it is almost impossible to leave it out off the shopping list. Over the years, the Lip Sleeping Mask, which improves the well-being of the lips during the night, has become even more popular. Its emollient and refreshing formulation has become an increasingly absolute Holy-Grail product in the world.

As early as 1994, Laneige (라네즈) means snow (la neige) in French. Laneige uses the self-description “luminous beauty,” which clearly describes the products ’goal of making skin and life brighter’.

As an expert in skin moisturizing, Laneige has been researching and developing skin care products for almost 30 years from the perspective that skin moisturizing is the source of solving skin problems. Natural moisture factors (NMF) ensure the well-being and youthfulness of the skin, preventing the skin’s own protection from deteriorating and the formation of skin lines. With Laneige skincare products, you achieve moisturized, healthy and radiant skin.