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Lador | Dermatical Shampoo Brush


  • Lador
  • Shampoo brush
  • 1 pc

A silicone brush for applying shampoo that gives your scalp a relaxing massage. The brush helps your hair get a more effective cleansing.

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Lador Dermatical Shampoo Brush

Brush for scalpLador Dermatical Shampoo Brush


Lador Dermatical Shampoo Brush helps apply and lather up any shampoo while giving your scalp a relaxing massage.

Why should you use a shampoo brush?

  • It helps foam up shampoo and spread it evenly throughout your scalp
  • More effective cleansing
  • Massaging your scalp stimulates blood circulation
  • It can also be used to comb conditioner through the ends of your hair

The silicone bristles are gentle and easy to clean.


How to use

Wet the hair and apply shampoo with your hands first. Rub the brush into your scalp in circlular motions, applying gentle pressure. Rinse the brush after every use and let dry.



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