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the SAEM: A Skincare Brand that Combines Nature and Cultures

Have you already come across the SAEM products when looking for a supplement to your skincare routine? Founded in 2010, The SAEM is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on nature and internationality. In this article, we hope to give you the scoop on the brand and why we chose to introduce it into our selection.

What makes the SAEM such a popular brand, and what can its products do for you? Firstly, it is known for its safe ingredients and currently has more than 600 safety certificates. The brand has gained a lot of popularity both in its home country of South Korea and around the world.

The brand slogan GLOBAL ECO sums up its main features: international nature. The brand’s five focus points are different beauty cultures, natural ingredients, customer focus, high product quality and internationality. The balanced relationship between man and nature, where both benefit from each other, is particularly important to the brand. To find the best ingredients, the SAEM explores the habits and wisdom of different cultures, and its products are based on beauty secrets around the world.

Beauty secrets from around the world

The SAEM’s home country, South Korea, has four seasons and a diverse climate. The Korean terrain has a lot of geographical elevation variation, allowing numerous wild plants to thrive on fertile soil. Of the many popular Korean skincare ingredients, the SAEM favors the ginseng herb, which strengthens the skin’s protective layer.

Closer to us, the SAEM has studied Iceland – an area ruled by fire and ice. Thanks to its volcanoes and glaciers, Iceland is full of lakes and waterfalls, and its mountains are made up of pure snow and rain. Icelandic ice is full of clean water minerals, and this clean mineral water is a particularly moisturizing ingredient in skin care.

One of the most exotic destinations for the SAEM is the largest island in the South Pacific, Tahiti. It is a beautiful and volcanic tourist destination known for its emerald-colored seawater and pink-hued coral reefs and lagoons. Tahiti is also called the island of Venus due to its romantic atmosphere. The island’s rich marine life contains 95% of the world’s black pearls, which are used specifically to brighten the skin.

In addition to these nature paradises, the SAEM has studied ingredients in Hawaii, France, Morocco, North America, and Egypt, among others. However, one of the most significant discoveries of the brand is the highly moisturizing New Zealand flax, aka Harakeke.

Harakeke: the king of hydration

New Zealand was a land of uninhabited wildlife for millions of years, until the present Maori tribe arrived on the island during the 13th century. New Zealand has thus been allowed to eutrophicate without outside interference, and 80% of its terrain still consists of forests or grasslands. As a result, the island has been donned many names, such as the Land of Birds and the Earth’s own national park.

Harakeke is an evergreen plant from New Zealand that has been important to the Maori tribe in everyday life. For instance, the plant’s even five-foot leaves are soft and easily bent, so they were made into clothes, rope, sails, baskets and even used as house building material. The jelly-like juice contained between the leaves is a super-moisturizing and soothing ingredient that promotes skin health. According to an old tradition, local parents gave their children Harakeke juice as a wedding gift.

Now you can test the effects of the Harakeke, which has been named the king of hydration, on your own skin, as it is the main ingredient in our Urban Eco Harakeke product line. Below you will find the Urban Eco Harakeke products currently in our selection:

In conclusion, we are excited to introduce our new brand, the SAEM, to our customers! VIEW ALL PRODUCTS >>

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