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Pores & Blackheads

Pores & blackheads

A blackhead is born when the sebum inside a pore oxidizes and the sebum changes to a darker colour. In addition, external dirt such as air pollution can darken the sebum. One can’t really do anything about the size of their pores as the size of pores is genetic. However, the pores appear less visible when the skin is clean and hydrated. Use products that remove dead skin cells and prevent imperfections. From this section, you will find the right products to reduce new impurities and maintain skin elasticity. The key to managing impurities is cleansing. We recommend double cleansing – first use an oil cleanser and then cleanse the skin with a water-based foam cleanser. Skincare products absorb easier to clean skin. Clean skin does not get clogged as easily and this is the key to preventing blackheads.


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