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bbia tuotteet bearel

BBIA is trendy and affordable K-beauty makeup brand that has achieved great fame in Asia and around the world. Originally BBIA was launched as an online exclusive brand. The brand name BBIA is shortened from “Blooming Beauty in Online Ocean”. Today, BBIA is one of the most well-known makeup brands from South Korea.

BBIA products are known for the high-quality and new, innovative products such as lip tints and multi-use eyeshadows – without forgetting the smart price. Due to the pleasant consistency and beautiful shades, BBIA products are popular among k-pop idols and makeup gurus.

Create a K-pop star-inspired makeup with BBIA products. You will find BBIA makeup in many shades. Try out the soft Velvet Lip Tints for example and create a beautiful eye makeup with the Final Shadow Palette’s. BBIA products are not tested on animals and they are cruelty-free.