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Smuuti Skin | Pink Cosmetics Bag


  • Smuuti Skin
  • Cosmetics bag
  • 1 pcs

Big pink cosmetic bag for Smooth Skin products.

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Smuuti Skin Pink Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetics Bag
meikkipussi kosmetiikkalaukku smuuti


Smuuti Skin Pink Cosmetics bag perfectly stores your Smuuti Skin skin care products. The spacious bag is 16 x 26 x 6 cm in size, so it fits all Smuuti Skin products well. The beautiful and attractive cosmetic bag is also equipped with a convenient carrying handle.


How to use

Put the Smuuti Skin products away at the end of your routine or take them with you, for example, during a trip.


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Smuuti Skin Pinkki Kosmetiikkalaukku
Smuuti Skin | Pink Cosmetics Bag