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Aromatica is a natural Korean beauty brand that aims to develop effective, safe, healthy and sustainable cosmetics while respecting the environment. Aromatica selects natural and organic ingredients in its products, which are obtained directly from reliable producers around the world. The brand is also committed to organic farming to build a more sustainable world. Aromatica produces its own products, enabling them to manage every step of the production process.

Aromatica has a prestigious ECOCERT certificate. The brand is committed to promoting good environmental and social practices. Aromatica is also registered as a partner of the Vegan Society, the world’s oldest and most respected vegan organization. In 2016, Aromatica was the first Korean beauty brand to be awarded the US EWG VERIFIED™ certificate.

Aromatica’s products are cruelty-free and vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. In the product range you can find caring skin and hair care products.


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  • Aromatica Comforting Calendula Devoction Cleansing Mousse -puhdistusvaahtoAromatica Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse kosteuttava ja rauhoittava puhdistusvaahto

    Aromatica | Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse

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  • aromatica comforting calendula decoction juicy creamaromatica comforting calendula decoction juicy cream

    Aromatica | Comforting Calendula Decoction Juicy Cream

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