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Dewytree | Bubble Maker


  • Dewytree
  • Micro bubble pump

Bubble maker makes any cleanser into a fancy, bubbly foam that cleanses your face gently.

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Dewytree Bubble Maker

Micro bubble pump


Dewytree Bubble Maker is a handy tool for foaming your cleanser. It allows you to change any cleansing product in to a fancy, rich foam with thick, frothy bubbles.

Foamy cleanser is a gentle way to cleanse the skin. Foaming with water dilutes the product slightly to make it more gentle and also less drying. Bubble maker makes your skincare moment into a fancy spa experience.

Foaming a little amount of product makes it last longer. A tinu amount of foamy cleanser is enough for your whole face.

Bubble maker is for you, if…

  • You want to level up your daily skincare routine.
  • You want a gentle way to cleanse your face.
  • Your goal is to make your products last longer.

Micro bubble pump is meant for waterbased cleansers. Please do not use with oil cleansers.


How to use

The pictures below show you, how to use the bubble maker. It’s very simple: Add a little bit of water, and a cleanser of your choice. Pump into a bubbly foam and use to wash your face. Wash the pump after use, and let it dry.


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